Friday, April 15, 2011

Ocmulgee National Monument

"Congress passed a bill on June 14, 1934, authorizing establishment of a 2000-acre Ocmulgee National Monument on …lands commonly known as … funds were provided for purchasing land, all lands for the Monument were to be donated or purchased by others and then donated.  Due to economic constraints, only 678.48 acres were acquired, including 40 acres at the detached Lamar Mounds and Village.  December 12, 1936, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Proclamation establishing Ocmulgee National Monument.  On June 13, 1941, an additional 5 acres was added to the Lamar Mounds and Village Unit.  Then on July 9, 1991, another 18 acres, known as  and makes this valuable part of America" (

I chose this fact for two reasons:  First, June 14 is my birthday! (though not in 1934, obviously).  but also because people don't usually think of Macon in terms of the larger country.  So I thought that Roosevelt's involvement in the creation of the Ocmulgee National Monument was particularly interesting to think about.  It's also strange to think about the way that the monument has changed and been experienced over the years, as it was (and differently so than now) in the 1930s.

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