Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 Things


 Red Tips, Photinia (Everywhere, unfortunately)

English Ivy, or Hedera Helix (behind the Computer Science Building)

Pink Azalea (beside Willingham)

White Azalea (Between Sherwood and Mercer Hall)

Holly Bush (beside Mercer Hall)



Pine Tree (on the Quad)

Dogwood Tree (Outside of Willingham Chapel)

Magnolia Tree (In front of the Administration Building)

Pecan Tree (Beside Willingham Hall)


Granite (near Ryals)

Limestone (near Ware Hall)

White Granite (near CSC)

Quartz (near CSC)



Red-Breasted Robin (on Quad)

Brown Squirrel (behind Mail Center)

Crows (flying over Quad)

Red Squirrel (between Willingham and Tatnall)

Black & White Australian Shepherd (in President Underwood's Driveway)

Mockingbird (beside Music Building)

Soil Erosion

Walkway (between Roberts Walkway and Mercer Hall)

Between Jesse Mercer Statue and CSC

Walkway in front of CSC

Path beside CSC

Cement Path by CSC

Near CSC (terraced soil from recent rain)

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