Wednesday, February 16, 2011

MORGAN: Observing the Infancy, Teenage Years, and Adulthood of a Soon-to-Be Tomato

Today, Morgan is still a cup of dirt.  Yesterday, I gave him several drops of water and said encouraging things to him, hoping I might inspire him to show his face.  As of yet, he has not shown his face.

Pictures will come when there is something to see.

February 21st:  Signs of life!  Signs that weren't there last night.

February 22nd: Significant growth!

February 23rd: A sibling has arrived!

February 26th: And they have grown together...

February 28th: And continue to grow (and may have another sibling growing on the left, though he is still leafless).

March 2nd: Then my roommate accidentally drowned Morgan while I was away for a few days by giving him as much water as a much larger plant that she is growing for a different class.  Morgan the Elder began to wilt and required a prop made out of Q-tips and tape.

March 5th:  But even so, Morgan the Elder died, uprooted and stuck to the Q-tips that held him up.

March 8th:  But still his sibling survives...!

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